Smart is the New Face of Business!


Pressed by Critical Decisions?  xxxMust Get it Right.

  • How to Increase income
  • How to Lower costs
  • Find more time & Compete on your own terms.

Relax, be Confident.  You can handle it All.

            Come in.    Learn smart concepts.    Stand out   

       Business XDesignXWorkshop
Know your business better. Discover how to use less effort for a higher return, Gain resilience in any market.

Open your workbook, begin a hands on, intensive session with your own business. Innovative concepts and tools. Gan valuable new perspectives.

Run a Smarter Business. 
 place where you work on making your business better.  Hands on with all the tools, and concepts to bring a fresh perspective,  You bring you and your business knowledge, letting it flow through the BDW process.  Designed to give you an edge, or a leader in your area. 

Following an innovative process to see the movement inside your business. 
A personal experience full of revelation and "Aha!" moments.  Those moments when get it, seeing how it fits to what you need.  It is a two-way dialog about leading a relaxed life, being confident about your business and Assured it will last. 

Run a smarter business:

  • Stop following the current trends
  • Free yourself and chart your own course
  • Push beyond what you think are your current limits.
  • Maximize Opportunity, Minimize Risk.


The Three Sessions
Purpose:  Bring your best gam,. Self business evaluation. Apply the best conventional and powerful little known methods used by the best of the Break-Out businesses. Ones who are beating the game in their market.

All in ways easy to 'get', efficient to use and a powerful return.

a bigger payoff from the work you do.

Session One:       Achieving It All

 To achieve more in business, your efforts need to fetch a high return.

This is the opening session for a reason.  Learning better and smarter ways of running your business does no good if you can't find the time to apply them.  Due to being driven by daily pressures.  Session II gives you game changing business methods.  But you need time in your day to apply them.  Introducing you to proven ways to get more results by working smarter.  A series of Little used methods, used together, can make your day easy while getting more done.  Others have had impressive and lasting results.  You will open up more time, get better results and much easier than what you are doing today.  All the while your your key resources are growing to help you more

You are not just told about them, or written down for you.  This is a workshop.  You will find ways to connect these techniques to the way you work.  Enabling you to focus your time and resources on running a better business.  You will ask why you haven't been doing this all your life.

A natural process moving you in the direction you choose. 
These methods quietly move you toward passive income.
  Having your business, and those around you, produce for you in parallel to your efforts.  



   running a smarter business through innovation.

 Session Two:       When Your Business Speaks, Listen

Business is a set of parts.  Working togethher they produce profit.

Business is won or lost through interactions between the key elements comprising your business. In Business Design Workshop you will be seeing those interactions in a way that lets you understand it and the impact on your business as a whole. This will improve growth opportunities and grow your financial position.

The tools and methods you will receive are well proven and highly prized.  Some of them represent the power held by large corporations.  Reworked to make it easy to use in small businesses.  Others are the standards of all business, used in new ways, combined in more natural ways to quickly achieve a clearer picture of your business.  And know what action to take.  Any business, or entrepreneurial endeavor, can use these to great advantage.

In this workshop you are given a workbook.  You work through your business, or business concept, in a very hands on experience.  Guided each step of the way so you actually use these tools and concepts in your way for what you need the most.  

You will be anxious, following the workshop, to apply more and more of what you learned in your everyday dealings.  And you will be well prepared. 

There is also a support mechanism for workshop alumni to ask questions and discuss new thoughts and ideas.  As these will be flowing regularly, the more you use these methods.



   discover simplicity for continued success.

 Session Three:     Business Resilience

  Take snapshots across the parts of business.  Be aware.  Take Action.

After using these methods, you have become a huge success. Now what? You'd like to keep things running at that level, and go higher. 

Business Resilience provides a "pocket" version of the powerful tools acquired in session two. Performing a quick day-to-day scan assuring the reality matches your design.  Catch issues early, before they become real problems. Including guidelines for issue resolution. 

It is a way of keeping up on our constantly shifting world. Taking advantage of changes in market forces, as they are occurring.  Even staying one step ahead with small tweaks and innovation.  

Small changes occur all the time.  Resilience is having control over the elements within your business, able to reconfigure and deliver.  When you see a business jump to a whole new level, that's Resilience.  It's about being  smart, prepared and paying attention.

Yeah, Life.   It's all good.




BDW: Hands-On Workshop for running a smarter business

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