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Professional Snapshot

Arthur H Clancy
Arthur has top of the line presentation skills. Having presented often in C Level Architectural Roundtable and Off-Sites. Having initially gone to college on an acting scholarship. Becoming a member of the oldest professional aciting troup in his home town. But the lure of business was just too strong.  Always In his element when interacting with groups of people. He understands the two way responsibility of presenter and participants. As a coach he spends time looking at new discoveries in neuroscience for a better understanding of achieving clear communication. The workshop format is integral to who he is. Hands on, working with people.

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In the Business Design Workshop, Arthur is at his best. It is his material, his life.  on a business as well as his personal life.

Arthur has had a long and nuanced career path. He will openly bring you his expertise for being fully in charge of your business. Click on the Image below to open a window with a summary of Arthur's Professional life.