Smart is the New Face of Business!

A truly Unique Experience

You start making improvements in the first few minutes of the Business Design Workshop.  You will have the tools, understanding and assistance to continue making those changes long after the workshop.  There is a BDW tele or video conference once per month.  A free perk for alumni.  A special email notification will be  setup for when you need it. 

The workbook is the same for everyone.  Yet everyone has an intimate, special  experience.  It is not a lecture, it is a two way dialog.  We talk about growing your business.  Bringing an understanding  of the ways to be in control of it all.  

You receive your set of tools and discover how they work together.  Bringing new insights on how the key parts of your business interact.  You see a business full of opportunity.  A vision for where to take it. 

This is a workshop.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in.  All of it crafted for regular business people, like you.  This is a unique program usually available to senior players in large firms.  But much more complicated.  Here the design is power, with simplicity.

This is about your business.  It is also about you.  A commitment to spend more time to get more out of your business.  Taking advantage of the forces and opportunities around it.  But you are busy.  You just don't have the time to invest.  Unless time can be magically created. 

Doing just that is a critical part of the workshop. It has to be.  The workshop brings in a wealth of little understood but powerful ways to do this.  Too few industries, much less, people, have applied these known methods.  Ways proven to gain more from your work.  These ways have significantly changed the world, use them to change yours.  

The heart of the program comes from disciplines with deep understanding in how parts of a business move together to contribute to higher profit.  This is a primary tool for innovation in many firms.  Massive companies like IBM use it too.  As high up as their  "CEO Council".  Which is a group of their brightest who are relied upon to bring them back after a down turn where they may loose billions..  These people with very special talents use sophisticated structuring and mathematical tools to set a new course in just a few weeks.  These results provide everything a firm can use to set a new direction.  Meet the realities of today's market and capitalize on the changes.  The workshop is made to do that for small businesses, professionals like you.

This beauty of the workshop is replacing the complex methods and jargon with clear, normal language and concepts every business person uses.  Giving you the power to meet and surpass your challenges.  This workshop is interesting, easy to get and fun.  Underneath the hood, it is powerful.  You will quickly pick up the basics, move to mastery and take your business anywhere.  This workshop will give you new perspectives and powerful tools.  Everything you need to run your business better, smarter. 

You will be among the few with this kind of insight.  This is not something marketed to small business communities, or even mid sized firms.  Simply because the entry is usually far to costly.  And not the least because of the strategic advantage factor.  Most want to to keep it well hidden.

It comes to you in an easy to understand program, quickly applying it to your business during the workshop, and beyond. 

Creating this special program took years of work.  Pulling out the essential parts, and substituting natural business patterns for the complex ones.  Fun ways to work thought it and make it 'stick'.  Even more fun seeing your business grow.  Impressed with your new control over the business.

The Business Design Workshop presenter is Arthur Clancy, the creator of BDW.

Arthur ClancyArthur Clancy is a Business Architect with many years in Fortune 100 companies.  Inline with his current profession as a business coach, Arthur is dedicated to bringing exceptional methods and tools to every business person.  Keeping it simple, relevant and transformational for your business. 
You can find
Arthur's BIO here.

"My goal is to bring the most effective ways of running a business to everyone.  To have you using very powerful tools that will bring the changes you want.  In Session II you will be creating business innovation by simply doing things you see as valuable.  Things that are natural to you.  The awareness that it is business modeling comes later in the session."

"I provide a link to Alex below.  Some of you will want to attend one of his more technical seminars.  His seminars are are for everyone.  Everyone who has some understanding of the business modeling space.  I highly recommend his work.   I believe Session II will well prepare you for it should you choose."

  - Arthur

Prime Influences ...

The influences are from a number of very talented people.  Among them is the business guru, Alexander Osterwalder,

Alexander Osterwalder, Ph.D is a luminary in the field of business modeling.  He has guided Swiss banking and many firms around the world.  Alex is the inspiration for this workshop through his pure business modeling workshops produced all over the world.  Begin your journey. into Alex here.

Some of you will certainly enjoy delving deeper in one of Alex's seminars


This path to a smarter business starts with Business Design Workshop.

Join us for a monumental shift in the way you do business

  - Arthur