Smart is the New Face of Business!


a bigger payoff from the work you do.

Session One:       Achieving It All


Business can be a struggle unless the returns are significantly higher than the effort to produce them. Although it is the business methods and tools that make a business what it is. You need to have the tools to make you a success. That is what this session is about.

You can perform better by looking at the work within your business. We look at how it is possible to produce more with less effort. We takle this from two fronts.  One is to the 80/20 Rule and other things, the other is Blue Ocean ways of looking at breaking out from industry norms to achieve success without competition.  These are stunning ways for breaking out of what everyone else is doing.  

he business needs you.  You can't be there for it if you are tied up on minutia.  This is not time management, if there is such a thing.  In this session you will find you not only can produce much more for the work you do, everything around can It is your responsibility to work smart. Your business needs more and you need to work less. At least less on the underproducing things and more on the high producing ones. This is more how you work vs. working focused to get it done. Once you 'get it', work is easier, you do less, you achieve more. When you are relaxed and at ease, seeing your business producing for you, you are total control. If you are producing at the same level as others, the business is vulnerable. Less capable of weathering storms, less capable of producing for you. We bring together a few things that can, once understood, make a real differencet. And in BDW style, they are simplified. With practice, you won't realize how you got so effective. be producing more for you.  Once in place you can Relax.  You have converted a small business into a support system for your vision.  


Among the things we will work on:
Living the 80/20 Rule        
Life is not fair. Some have, some have not. Be sure you know why the have's 'have'. We look into how this simple productivity discover has changed countries, global business, Wall St. and regular people like you. It's power is not well understood. It's a workshop. You work through specifics of what it can do for you.

It could be argued that 80/20 is the most powerful personal productivity and profit engine for business ever put to use. This is the key to why Goldman Sachs dominated Wall St. and why Wall St. dominated world markets. How Japan, a war ravaged, poor country, shifted the balance of power in both the auto industry and computer hardware. Unthinkable at the time. Once you begin working with the BDW style of 80/20, you are sure to be hooked.
The 8 aspects of living
Life doesn't come with an instruction manual.  This is the closest to it.  It is a standard coaching tool.  The BDW version is an easy to follow roadmap for success and happiness through balance.  Showing you what to work on and where you are strong.  An application is provided to see it visually.

The importance of Vision            
This is a cornerstone of growing a business. It tells you what business you are in and why. Decisions come easier when you are clear on the vision. It is the first tool of running a smarter business. In your workbook you will use Vision, SWOT, 80/20 and your current plans as a single focused tool. Your plans never looked so clear. So obvious what it needs to fully succeed.

The art of Accepting                         
We won't spend time on this, just enough for you to be aware of your daily communication. In small ways you can create desired change in the world around you.

We close Session One with:

Considering a number of helpful techniques and lists of things to consider. Depending on the audience we may pick up on one or two. Either way we will give these a quick mention. Be sure to look them over.  You may find something usefull.

Before leaving this session we will lightly touch on certain 'magic quadrants' and get into the "long tail". Each of these can help you better understand your business. More, though is how they make obvious some rather startling things that may be happening within your business. As well as in your industry. We again bring in the concept of Blue Ocean as we look a bit at products and customers. All this is preparing you to use Session Two to its maximum effect. You will now be capable to taking on more, and being Relaxed as you do it.

After this you will be fully confident in being able to find the time for the business perspectives and tools of Session Two: Confident.

Session Two is the meat of this workshop.  Where you tear into your business and bring out opportunities.  Your innovative spirit will have a framework to work from.