Smart is the New Face of Business!

               Be confident, your business is on track.


A business requires making the right decisions to achieve goals. Every business climate has many unknowns. How then can we feel more confident in making decisions? Isn't having great business sense and years of experience enough?  Having confidence because of excellent business insights is a definite asset.  Perhaps if you added the ability to listen to what your business is telling you.  

When areas of the business are limiting profits, they may be saying "We have a problem".  You need to know how to "listen" for that.  There are many signs when business resources are costing you money.  Some are small, some significant.  Confidence in your business comes from awareness and knowing the action to correct it.  Success of your business relies on it.   


Business is won or lost through interactions between key elements that comprise your business. Business Design Workshop allows you to see the interactions of these key elements within your business. Learning how to use them in combination to solve common business problems.  Improving growth opportunities and your financial position. The tools and methods you will receive are well proven and highly prized.

Contents of Session II:

A       The essence of business and what makes it effective.

The importance of understanding the key areas of business.
The 9 elemental areas of business are covered.  Why these 9 are considered the fundamental buildingblocks for understanding how
business operates.  This will be fun, as each of you identify the key areas of you business on post-it notes and fit them into the provided business canvas diagram.  Moving on to seeing the interactions of those areas.  Leading to using them in business patterns which will point out issues, bringing a smart of controlling profits.  Additional patterns will focus on your identifying your customer segments.  The ones who will both pay the most and most appreciate what you offer them.  Continuing with more hands onbusiness improvements.

B       The Tools
Introducing Integrated Business.  This is a fairly new discipline.  These will have you

workingon increasing your profits. As well as protecting your cash from being wasted in flawed interactions in key areas.  Leading to erotion of profit.  

Critical errors in judgment are made when we use one tool or method by itself.  It is often interesting but only shows on perspective of the subject.  Much like the improvements in sonograms.  Early ones were a single side view.  Not much could be determined.  It was a 'creative' diagnosis.  "I think that is a foot!".  Yeah, maybe but I saw a tiny blur.  The advancement was spectacular.  Provide a 3-D view and voila!  

Even gifted MBA professionals are hampered by taking things in a linear fashion.  Doing a project of one analysis as specified.  Analyzing and publishing the results.  Then moving to the next one.  

Integrated Business is about providing several views,through tools intended to work together.  Offering a 4 Dimensional view of the business.  Seeing each area from different perspectives.  Looking at their interactions with each other overtime.  One of the presented Integrative Business sets brings together your Vision, SWOT (Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats), and your plans.  What immediately comes to mind are the stark realities of the plans.  A moment where you either push through with what seemed so right and the realignment of the plans to a more elegant design of your business.  A more formidable plan.

C.         How to apply these methods to future issues..

The focus up to this point has been on very specific hands on activities that will improve your business, This last segment of this session brings in the wider view.  Seeing how these specifics brought change, you will want to explore how you can apply it to any business issue.  Allowing you to continue making improvements for a long time.

Session II gives you tools so your confidence is well founded.  Session III will give you additional tools to see that your decision making can continue for a long time to come. 

It is about Business Resilience.  How to continue being successful.  

These are a few of the tools used.  There are simpler ones which we will go over first.  They will allow you to "get it".  Everyone gets these at the workshop.  And sees how they help run a smarter business.

It's all good.

   - Arthur


 Session Two:        When Your Business Speaks, Listen!